My Boyfriend Gives Me Anxiety Attacks_ Makes Me Nervous

Most of the girls around us complain about relationship anxiety. We often hear girls in relationships saying: “My boyfriend gives me anxiety attacks”. Are you one of them? Do you think that your boyfriend makes you nervous and panic?  Are you weighed down by worry, uncertainty, and distress?

Do you always think that for how long will this relationship last or is this even real?

Well, this is something the majority of women in a relationship deal with. It is really difficult to remain cool and calm with all these fears on the back of your mind.

But believe me, it is nothing to get worried about because this article is going to provide you with a complete guideline about what relationship anxiety actually means?

What are its causes and effects and how can you deal with it?

What is relationship anxiety, actually?

relationship anxiety

Before heading further towards the main issue, its causes and effects, should you be able to understand what anxiety actually is?

  • An anxiety attack is an inappropriate or excessive fear of abandonment in a relationship.
  • It is a recurrent anticipating distress that is caused when you over analyze your relationship with your boyfriend.
  • An anxiety attack is an irrational or persistent fear and insecurities about your relationship.

These situations are referred to as “Anxiety attacks”.

How will you understand that your boyfriend gives you anxiety attacks

boyfriend gives you anxiety attacks

An anxiety attack is followed by so many fears and insecurities about the relationship.

Most girls are suffering from stress and fears that are the main signs of relationship anxiety. Some of those fears are:

  • Am I not able to satisfy his needs?
  • Am I not that beautiful?
  • Does he need any other girl more beautiful than me?
  • Am I bothering him all the time?

If you are suffering from such fears, it is a sign that you are suffering from relationship anxiety. In addition to it, there are many other symptoms that help you understand that your boyfriend is giving you anxiety attacks. These are:

  • You doubt your partner’s feelings for you.
  • You are overly dependent on your partner.
  • You want to please your partner too much.
  • You are afraid that things will get too serious.
  • You over analyze your relationship.

These are the symptoms that tell you whether you are actually suffering from relationship anxiety or not.

What should you do when your boyfriend gives you anxiety attacks?

boyfriend gives you anxiety attacks

Anxiety in a relationship happens when you are not living in the moment. You just think about the fears you have about that particular person and you are imagining everything in anticipation.

Focusing on being in the moment can really help you to get rid of relationship anxiety. Moreover, you should follow the following effective tips to reduce your stress levels.

  •  Communicate with your boyfriend about your problems and insecurities.
  • Try to understand what he wants  and make him understand your needs.
  • Recognize that stressing about a particular situation solves nothing but instead it further aggravates the problem. Try to remain calm.
  • Give your stress a deadline. It might sound ridiculous but believe me, it can prove helpful. When you think that it’s not the right time to get stressed. If it happens after several times, then I will think whether I should be anxious about this or not and till the next time, the problem will get solved by itself.
  • Trust your partner. Relationships are based on trust among both the partners. Take it as a first step towards building a strong attachment to your boyfriend.
  • Last but not the least, think positive. Fill yourself up with positive energies. Try to live in the moment and date your partner when you are in the happiest mood.

My Boyfriend Gives Me Anxiety Attacks:

My Boyfriend Gives Me Anxiety Attacks

No matter how many times he tells you that he loves you, still you can say that “My boyfriend gives me anxiety attacks. The reason is along with the reassurance of love and trust, you need him to understand you properly.

When you are dating a person who just knows to say “I love you” all the time and does not know how to make you feel secure, you get anxious and stressed about your relationship.

So try to make him understand what you want, why are you feeling insecure, what are the fears that are not allowing you to enjoy your relationship properly. Once you will be successful in conveying his point of views, all the fears and anxiety will vanish.

Nervousness and confusion are not big issues. We all get nervous and confused at times in our lives. Just take it easy and understand that you will soon be able to take charge of yourself.  All you need to understand is it’s just a mental and emotional fear that makes you nervous.

Do not make it a reason for your anxiety.

Actually, things are not that difficult. It is just how we assume those things. So try to be calm and enjoy your happy moments with a cool and stress-free mind.

Can your partner cause you anxiety?

Yes, your partner can cause you anxiety but mostly these are the self-made fears that make you anxious about your relationship.

Can a certain person trigger your anxiety?

Yes, a certain person may trigger your anxiety if you are overly dependent on that person and you always overanalyze your relationship with that particular person. If you want to please him much and take it as an excessive burden, that particular person can trigger your anxiety.

How do I stop being so anxious in my relationship?

Answer by steve Alkandros, a famous psychologist:

“Most anxiety stems from a subconscious fear of any given solution. To overcome this, you must do deep emotional research to discover the cause of that particular fear. Once this is discovered, the conscious mind will invalidate this fear and your anxiety should subside”.

The above discussion about relationship anxiety can prove very beneficial if you understand the causes of relationship anxiety. Once you know the cause, you will be able to find a solution and the tips given above provide the complete solution to deal with such kinds of problems.

Most importantly, you have to understand that sometimes these are just the fears that cause anxiety and actually everything just needs to be done properly at the right time.

So next time when someone says, ” My boyfriend gives me anxiety attacks”, be among those who say, “c’mon, these are just our self generated fears and nothing else”.

Think positively, and put all your efforts into making your relationship lovely and pleasant.

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