Is cutting your hair a sign of depression?

Can you tell us one change that you notice every time your close and dear ones make? Don’t worry. We are making it easy for you. The hairstyle indicates the fact that a new haircut always resembles change. 

Yes, this statement also clarifies that you are trying to influence change whenever you change your usual hairstyle. You go through a lot of changes when you get depressed. So, is cutting your hair a sign of depression? 

It depends on the circumstances. We are going to cover every corner of the topic. Stay till the end to know more. 

Common signs of depression: how to tell you are in depression

Before diving right into the relation between cutting hair and depression, let’s have a look at the common symptoms of depression. In this way, you will be able to connect to the main topic better. Out of numerous symptoms of depression, the following are the most common-

1. Nothing seems easy

Do you ever feel all of a sudden, everything has become really hard to do or accomplish? You can’t even write at 60 wpm, which was a piece of cake for you normally. Well, this is a mere example. All the easy-to-do jobs will seem hard at that time. And you won’t be able to cope up with that drastic change.

If this happens to you for a very little time, for instance, one or two days, we think you are okay. You can recover pretty fast, which means it is not a big deal. But when this situation remains for a certain period or does not go away at all, you are in trouble. 

You are in depression, and you need immediate care. 

2. You start to hate everything

If you are depressed, nothing will seem enjoyable anymore. Your favorite pastimes or even video games will make you frustrated even more. We know how frustration normally works, right? You cannot do a certain task, and you get angry. 

For a limited time, this situation is limited to frustration. But if it extends, you will start hating everything. That will surely put your mental health into big, big trouble. 

3. You sleep a lot

It may seem not fitting into the signs, but it fits perfectly here. If you start to sleep like an infant without physical health issues, what would be the reason? 

The most probable reason can be not liking anything of this world anymore. You want to experience this world as little as possible, or you don’t want it at all. That is why you start to sleep like a baby. 

If the reason for your endless sleep is that, you need to get medical attention as soon as possible. 

4. You have insomnia

It is one of the most common reasons of all. You won’t be able to sleep at night due to stress or anxiety. If you can’t control your sleep, you will face serious problems in the future. 

Frequent sleeplessness will lead you to depression. And trust us. You don’t really want that to happen. 

5. Everything hurts, or you try to hurt yourself

If you are depressed, nothing will seem nice. Whatever you do, you will feel like getting hurt. You may even try to hurt yourself or start having suicidal thoughts because of this. 

If anything like this happens to you, you are in severe depression or have clinical depression. Your condition is very serious that needs immediate action. 

What happens when you cut your hair

cutting your hair a sign of depression

Let’s cut this short. Why do you cut your hair? There are two common answers to this question. The first one is you want to maintain a usual haircut and, for this reason, cut your hair at regular intervals. The second one is that you want to show your confidence with a new haircut. 

Imagine you have gone through major life events or breakthroughs, and you want to start fresh again. What would you do? You may want to change your appearance. You may want to buy some new clothes, shoes, or even some gadgets. 

Another way of bringing change to your life is to get a new haircut and show the world you are the person who doesn’t care what other people think of you. You get boosted up with confidence and start afresh. That’s a way to put things. 

There is another viewpoint of cutting your hair. Most females tend to do this. They often cut their long hair. They cut their long hair to punish themselves. But don’t get us wrong. Girls often do that to give the world a message- “I don’t care.”

Relation between cutting hair and depression : before and after

cutting hair and depression

Is there any relation between cutting hair and getting depressed? Is there a possibility you cut your hair because of depression? Or, can you enter into depression from cutting hair or a haircut? 

First things first. What do you do to get rid of depression? You do that by embracing changes. We already know getting a new haircut or cutting long hair brings changes. So, yes. There is a relation between cutting hair and depression. 

Sometimes you try to fight the situation in that way. But you can even have a new haircut for a fresh start and yet not have depression. Because not every breakthrough or sad life event makes you depressed. 

That covered our first two questions. What about the last? Can that really happen? 

Well, it can happen too. Maintaining a haircut is really important for some people. It helps them keep order in their lives. If someone forcefully breaks that order, that particular person (affected) becomes really angry. When he (or she) can’t transfer that anger, it becomes a problem. 

Being obsessed with a haircut is not a crime. That is a thing some parents don’t seem to understand. Keeping a haircut not only helps to maintain order but also makes one’s appearance unique. 

For the above reason, someone can get depressed after cutting hair also. 

Is cutting your hair a symptom of depression?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. 

Do you think it is abnormal to have a new haircut and see how it gives you a new look? We don’t think so. Trying out something new is always normal to us. In this regard, the answer is no. 

After a breakthrough or a major life event, you may want to start from scratch again. In that case, getting a new haircut will boost your confidence even more. If things go as expected after cutting hair, we don’t think you have a problem there. 

But when you don’t know what to do in your life anymore or are totally angry at yourself, changes in apparel have different meanings. You may want to hurt yourself at that time. You may ruin your unique hairstyle. Girls may cut their beloved long hair. 

If you have any intention to hurt or ruin yourself by cutting hair, we think you are in trouble only at that time. Otherwise, changing hairstyle is very common and a stable thing to do in your life. No worries there. 

What to do if you are depressed and that is why cutting your hair

1. Get medical care

If you think you are depressed, and which is why cutting your hair, it should be your first step to deal with the situation. You should never take the condition lightly and take health advice from unauthorized persons. 

Get yourself admitted to a mental health doctor. If it is not possible for that moment, the following are the temporary self-care solutions to deal with it. 

2. Don’t try to hurt yourself

Do you love anyone more than yourself? If you are trying to answer in the affirmative, stop. You don’t. Nobody loves anyone more than himself (or herself). For this exact reason, if you try to hurt yourself, it will damage only yourself. Nobody will truly care. 

Never forget the fact that you have every right to enjoy this beautiful world like everybody else. Don’t rush any decisions, and most importantly, don’t hurt yourself. All lives matter.

3. Watch some comedy movies or shows

Having some tough times? Watching some top-rated comedy shows or movies is a great idea to get over these hard times. You may feel cringy about this if you don’t like comedy movies. 

But hey, even if you don’t like them, you will know why people like them so much for the least. Don’t blame us if you eventually end up liking them. 

4. Hang out with friends

In this world where everyone is glued with technology, it is hard to make some spare time to hang out with friends in the real world. If you don’t give enough time to your social connections, it can cause a real problem. 

Sometimes, hanging out with them at regular intervals helps in a great manner. 

5. Attach yourself to social activities and sports

If you haven’t tried any sports or social activities ,or physical exercises yet, find one and try to get yourself attached. You will feel the rush of hormones while helping others or your teammates. It will bring you inexpressible joy. And it won’t take much. Only a few hours in a day will be enough.

Compulsive hair cutting: Relation of mental health issue or mental illness with depression

Can you cut hair because of mental breakdown or mental illness? 

Yes, you can. For the first instance, we call it to get rid of depression or acting out of depression. But you may cut your hair because of a mental illness too. 

We call the situation specifically ‘compulsive hair cutting.’ 

If you have this mental issue, you will cut your hair and later refuse to accept that you cut your hair because of this very issue. To clear out the confusion, we say that you will do that in a repetitive manner. And you should know what a regular interval for cutting hair for a normal human is. 

If you have this situation, you may not recognize it by yourself. One of your friends may indicate this issue. Whether you realize it yourself or someone tells you, you should never neglect it. 

Give it respect and get yourself an appointment with a good mental health specialist. 


In most cases, cutting hair or getting a new haircut indicates change and showing confidence. But it may not be the case. You may intend to ruin your usual hairstyle or cut your beloved long hair. In that case, things are not normal. 

You should act promptly and get immediate mental health care from a professional doctor in that case. The rate of people recovering from this particular situation is very high. 

But if you ignore this issue, your problem may intensify, and you may dip yourself into deep trouble. Why should you do that when you have equal rights to enjoy every bit and piece of this world? 

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