Hair Care Routine for Hair Damage

Having damaged hair is one of the worst feelings when it becomes reality. Damaged hair can be repaired or controlled with special care. The damage could be due to many reasons. Heat damage or bleaching damage is one of the common reasons for hair damage. With proper hair care routine, any kind of hair damage can be repaired.

Dry strands, brittle hair, split ends are the common types of hair damage that we face. We are highlighting the best hair damage repair tips. Our mentioned hair care routine will cure your hair damage no matter what level of damage you have.

Fixing Damaged Hair

There are various ways to fix your damaged hair with proper care. We know that you are excited to know the steps to cure the damaged hair. Let’s hop into the steps that can fix your damaged hair.

Using Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mask for Damaged Hair

For your damaged hair, use a package including shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask. Only use the mentioned products that best suit your hair type. You use a specific type of facial product depending on your skin type. Just like that, you must use products that suit your hair type. Otherwise, it won’t cure your damage or make it worse.

L’Oréal Paris Elvive Total Repair 5 Repairing is serving a Shampoo. It includes three formulation such as conditioner, and damage erasing balm. This product is specifically produced for repairing damaged hair. Apply the shampoo on your wet hair with a gentle massage and then rinse. Now, apply the conditioner and leave it on your hair for a few minutes. Finally gently rinse your hair. It is recommended to use the hair mask once or twice a week after using the shampoo. After three or five minutes of using the conditioner, rinse out your hair.

Using Lukewarm Water to Wash your Hair

Using steamy water is good for skin but harmful for hair. If you have damaged strands then using warm water is harmful to hair. Using warm water makes hair drier and takes out the essential oils. This is why using lukewarm water is recommended while taking a shower.

Using Deep Conditioner

Start using a deep conditioner for the betterment of your hair. Strands on your hair get repaired from inside out by deep conditioning treatment. In the long run, the damage gets repaired in time. The latest formula takes less time to take effect. The L’Oréals Rapid Reviver Deep Conditioner is an effective product. It works in just a minute to condition and fortify your hair and ultimately repairs hair.

Use a polar brand of Rapid Reviver Deep Conditioner  for this purpose. It helps your hair if it is bleach damaged. This product similarly works in a minute to take effect. Use the deep conditioner after using the shampoo. Use the deep conditioners daily to repair the damaged locks of your hair.

Taking a Lamellar Hair Treatment

Lamellar hair treatment is only recommended when you need extra TLC for your strands. It’s a one step further addition to your hair treatment. Our selection is The L’Oréal Paris 8 Second Wonder Water Lamellar Hair Treatment.

This formulation repairs  the damaged portion of your hair. You just need a lightweight rinse that transforms into a light moisturizing combination. It includes amino acids with other formulations which helps to rinse the hair deeply. The surface of your strands gets lowered down by a heavier treatment. With this smart technology, your mane’s health gets restored with the right amount of care.

Wonder water treatment is recommended to rinse out the shampoo. Apply it evenly on the mid-length of your hair and the end also. Message it for eight seconds on your strands and then rinse out gently. Your mane will get a shiny look, silky feelings with an overall healthy presence.

Using Comb Before using Shampoo

If you have tangled hair then you should use a comb before washing your hair. According to specialists, wet hair must be handled very carefully. Wet hair is always in a vulnerable condition.

Soak water from your wet hair with a dry towel before brushing your hair. Use a wet brush or wide-tooth comb to brush your hair with a gentle touch. Use a hair detangler to avoid creating tears and split ends on your hair. Our best recommendation is L’Oréalproduct for this condition. It includes a spray with the conditioning formula. Remove your tangled hair comfortably with it.

Dry Your Hair with A T-Shirt

When you come out from a shower, you can use a wet T-shirt to dry your hair. Do not rub your hair aggressively with a towel. Cotton T-shirts can be used gently on your hair. Gentle is the only word that is acceptable for taking care of damaged hair.

Priming Hair for Styling with Heat

Using a heat protectant is recommended for creating voluminous curls or sleek blowout. It is the primary step for heat styling technique on hair. L’Oréal Paris advanced hair spray is  an ideal product for this type of hair condition. Keep the sprayer eight inches away before spraying. The heat protectant prevents heat damage, calms the frizz. It also seals in shine and  blocks the abnormal humidity. It also helps to condition a sleek style that lasts for a long time.

Apply less Heat on your Hair

There are different types of heating tools for hair styling. Blow-dryers, curling wands, flat irons are really hot. It is highly recommended to use less heat on your mane health. Keep your hair styling tool at the lowest possible temperature. You can get your desired style with low temperatures on your hair. It may take multiple usages on your hair but ultimately give you the desired output.

Focus on The Natural Texture of Your Hair

The natural texture of your hair is the best outlook that you can rock with. You may have wavy, curly, or straight hair. With natural airflow, you can create an outstanding hairstyle. You don’t always need to use a hair-dryer to make a style. There are many ways to dry your hair and we are recommending the popular ones.

Hair Mousse

You can keep your hair in natural shape by using a hair mousse. Take an egg-sized dollop of hair mousse and apply it on your hair from roots to end. Only use it on clean, damp hair and evenly distribute it on your hair. After applying it, scrunch your hair.

Effortless, Beachy wave creating

You don’t always need an ocean to get a hairstyle with the wind blow. Simply use a hair spray to braid your hair. Our recommended product is L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle Boost. It’s a  High Lift Creation Spray. After applying, wait for a few hours or overnight to get the desired hair situation.

Natural-looking Hair Style

Apply hair-cream to your evenly wet hair with a small amount. When your hair is dried after a shower, then apply a bit of hair cream for extra smoothness.

Rock your Hair With Messy Behead

Everyone wants to have a styled mane. Sometimes having a perfectly imperfect look is what we need. Use air-dry sans product in your hair and use the brush on your mane. L’Oréal Paris Studio Line Overworked Hair Putty is applicable product for this purpose.Take a small or the dime-sized amount. Add the product by scrunching the hair gently which will add texture. It is wise to avoid using excess products or extra products on your hair.

Using Hair Accessories

You can use a comfortable headband to create a hairstyle overnight. Use the headband normally by wrapping one inch of your hair on the headband. Do the same thing with the rest of your hair. Air dry your hair by taking some Zs of your hair. This is how you can make heat-free curls with the headband gear.

Rock a Braid Hairstyle

To keep the damage strands away, using different types of braids is a great idea. You can do this with Fishtail braids, braided crowns, braided buns, and many more. Braids with texture look gorgeous which is an innovative way to apply heat. The fishtail braid is the popular style due to its herringbone pattern. It looks complex but a simple braid style. Divide the hair into two parts after gathering it. Again take a half-inch section from a side and then cross it over the other section. Repeat the process until reaching the last part of your hair. Use a clear elastic to secure the easy hair plait.

Use Salons for Having a Haircut

Having a fresh start is always an option to take routine care for your hair. Many haircuts are gaining popularity every day. There are styles named layered bobs, lobs, pixies, etc. You can always try or experiment with new styles. With a haircut split ends on your hair can be removed.

To avoid too many changes, you can trim your hair by making small changes. It will change the look and feel of your damaged hair. You can have a relaxed feeling in a salon by sitting back and get pampered for a while. Ultimately you get a fresh start with the desired hair cut.

Lightly Brush Your Hair

Adding a hundred strokes on your hair before bed is an old saying. It is not recommended by the AAD. It will eventually damage your hair more in the long run. Your hair surely needs brushing but not excess bruising. Always apply some gentle strokes on your hair which is enough.


Treating damaged hair takes an ample amount of time to be repaired. With a routined manner, you can easily repair your hair in weeks or days. Our mentioned techniques for your hair care routine will surely benefit your hair.

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