How to keep hair healthy and strong


Almost everybody wants to have hair that stays strong, smooth, and easy to manage. Yes, a lot of people are suffering from hair problems and there is no way to get out of the problems at all. Well, at least the dire problem looks like that for many. So, the main topic is how to promote healthy hair growth? The only way to keep hair healthy naturally may seem a little tough at first. 

One thing for sure, your genes play a huge role in keeping your hair strong and durable. However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have any control over your hairs at all. So, you can actually keep your hair healthy and strong just by following some simple tips.

For instance, you can maintain some daily hair habits or follow a routine. So, How to make hair strong from roots? That’s why we are here today to guide you with some simple tips. Today, we are discussing how to keep hair healthy and strong? Just follow these simple tips or daily habits to get a good grip on your hair condition and health. You don’t want to ruin your looks with bad and tough hair condition. 

Why should you think about keeping your hair healthy and strong?

So, the biggest question is, if the hair condition relies on your genes – why bother with its health? First of all, even if the genes keep your hair the way it is, you still have to move onto hair care. For instance, you have a natural skin tone, so why bother with keeping it healthy? Haircare is equally important for your looks and many other things.

Haircare is like an art and a healthy routine for both men and women. Without healthy hair, you can even get some irritation conditions such as dandruff. And everybody knows that dandruff can be annoying as hell. Also, if you have dry and bad hair, chances are that your hair will accommodate dirt and stuff. So, your overall outlook will have major damage to your reputation.

Yes, a lot of people take care of their hair seriously. Most of them wash the hair and comb them with utmost care. However, just washing and combing your hair is not the right way to stay healthy and strong. There are other things that both men and women should take care of. We are going to talk about these simple tips on the next part of this content.

How to get healthy hair naturally – healthy hair tips

There are a lot of things people just don’t know about hair care at all. Just washing, combing, or using premium or fancy hair products will not do you any good at all. Yes, a lot of hair products can ensure your hair’s overall looks and health. However, you have to think out of the cosmetic box to get a good grip on your hair’s health.

So, that’s why we are listing down some of the best ways to keep your hair smooth and strong all the time. Just don’t let your gene ruin your outlook and get good control over your hair condition.

Try to boost your Vitamin consumption

Even the hairs need some specific vitamins to keep strong. Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, Iron, Zinc is the most crucial of them all. When it comes to Vitamin B, there is a lot of kinds. However, biotin is a very important vitamin for your hair. You can receive all the vitamins by improving your food habit. However, it’s not just the food habit you must take into consideration. There are a lot of multivitamins available in the market for a while. After choosing a reliable and good multivitamin, you can improve your vitamin intake.

Try to brush your hair before taking a bath

Brushing or combing your hair right before you take a shower can be good for your hair. Yes, when the hair gets wet, it has a risk of breaking down easily. Especially, if you have long hair, the chances of hair breaking down are always on a higher scale. When you brush the hair a lot, the natural oils from the scalp will reach your hair. Also, combing or brushing can straighten your hair and reduces the hair to get joined with each other. So, this is another way you can keep your hair away from breaking down while taking a shower.

Massage the scalp more often

Improving the overall health and condition of your scalp can be fruitful for many. Yes, the more blood circulation the scalp has, the more your chances of the hair falling off is reduced. Not to mention, massaging your scalp can always improve the blood circulation on your hair follicles. A recent study tells us that, if you massage your hair daily for at least 5 minutes, the hairs will get smooth and strong.

Anyway, how can you massage your hair easily? Just use your fingertips and apply pressure on the scalp before you shampoo your hair. Yes, you can do this on your dry hair, and even on wet hair. However, try to do this before you apply shampoo on your hair.

Condition the hair with care and the right way

Applying conditions with care is important for anybody with bad hair. Well, even if they don’t have bad hair, doing the process in the right order is very important. Remember, the fancy products won’t do you any good if you don’t apply it perfectly.

First, you have to apply the conditioner to the mid-shaft of your hair. After that, apply them to the ends of your hair. Not to mention, the hair needs to receive proper hydration on the process. So, you need to ensure that every part of your hair gets the condition perfectly. After applying the conditioner, you must keep it for 2 to 3 minutes.

Using Aloe Vera on your scalp and hair

Earlier we said, Vitamins are very important for the hairs to flourish. Especially, vitamin A, B, and C are the most crucial vitamins for your hair. Aloe Vera is a natural way to boost vitamin consumption in your hair. Yes, many people ask us about the natural way to keep your hair strong, and aloe vera is one of them.

Unrecognizable woman applying oil mask to hair tips in a bathroom; beauty and haircare concept

For instance, aloe vera contains Vitamin B-12 and folic acid so it can improve your hair health. Just applying aloe vera gel on the scalp and hair can kill two birds in one stone. Yes, aloe vera gel can act as a conditioner too. So, you don’t have to worry about that, and just look for a good aloe vera gel.

You can try the hot oil treatment

Yes, trying out hot oil treatment is another simple way to keep the hair healthy. So, you don’t have to do it on a daily basis – maybe once or twice a week. Earlier we mentioned, keeping your scalp hydrated is very crucial for the hair. So, hot oil treatment can always bring back all the moisture in any dry or frizzy hair.

For the hot oil treatment, you can use coconut or avocado oil. But we think that coconut oil is a better choice. Though avocado oil also contains some good vitamins and fatty acids.

To make the hot oil treatment mixture, you need to put one tablespoon of coconut oil and one tablespoon of avocado oil in a small bowl. After mixing the two oils, you should put the small bowl over a pot of hot water. In this way, the two oils will mix together perfectly. Also, you should make sure, the oil doesn’t get too heated up. 

Once the oil reaches a cool temperature, apply the oil in your hair. After applying the oil, using a shower cap can ensure the oil to reach the hair perfectly. Finally, you can just rinse the hair with lukewarm water and make your hair healthy.

Try to sleep on silk pillows

Choosing a silk pillow as a cotton pillow can be pretty healthy for your hair. Just ensuring all the important vitamins from the inside is not going to help you that much. So, moving on with slightly better options can be great for many reasons such as keeping the cuticles on your hair smooth. When you use a cotton pillow and a normal cotton cover – there will be a lot of friction of the hair. Not to mention, this can ruin the overall hairs health and condition. Finally, the hair might get broken or damaged while you are sleeping. So, using a silk alternative can reduce the friction with your hair and keep is strong.

Choose a good shampoo that does not contain harmful ingredients

Going easy on your shampoo is always the best choice for any people concerned with their hair. For instance, a lot of shampoos comes with oil reduction ingredients and claims to keep the hair out of any sort of oily condition. Thus, it also reduces any natural hair oil and dries the scalps out completely.

If your hair is too oily then you can wash your hair with shampoo daily. What can you do about it anyway as just reducing oil won’t do you any good. So, you better look for a good shampoo that contains good and natural ingredients.

Day by day, beauty products are coming up with new supports. The fierce competition has turned the manufacturers to use fancy chemicals that are bad for the scalp and the hair. So, when you are buying a shampoo – make sure it has natural and safe ingredients. Just checking out the brand is not enough and you have to carefully understand your hair condition.

When your hair is not that oily at all, you better think of purchasing a shampoo that has the ability to lock every good thing on your hair. Certainly, this is going to be a tough choice for even professionals. Washing your hair twice or three times a week should be enough for anybody looking for strengthening the hair.

Getting a regular trim on your hair

Most people suffer from bad and damaged hair strands at the end of your hair. So, getting a regular trim can ensure that our whole hair condition is not damaged. Also, it keeps your hairs to break at the very end. However, a lot of people don’t want to lose their long hair at all. In this case, you can ask your stylist for a better style or go for a “dusting.” Doing so, you can easily keep your hair stronger and reduce the hair from breaking down easily.

Stay aware of your style

When you have to do a lot of styles on your hair, try to go for a good style. Some fancy styles can always ruin your perfect hair. To be honest, a lot of popular fancy styles are the reason why women lose their hair. So, it’s important that you think about your hair condition before choosing a style for your party.

Keep the hair strands away from direct sunlight

Who said UV rays only affect the skin? Even your hair can be affected by direct sunlight or UV rays. Keeping your hair strands away from any sort of damage factor or environmental dust is crucial for the overall hair condition. Recently there are a lot of products to ensure the hair strands stay protected under direct sunlight.

Bottom Line

Ensuring the hair conditions safety is very important and has an overall impact on your outlook. Yes, there are many ways you can ensure that and that too depends on your habit. First of all, washing or combing is not the best way – rather reducing heat damage is the proper way.

Not just that, keeping the scalps intact is another important factor for anybody looking for great and strong hairs. In this article, we were focusing on the basics and main part of keeping the hairs naturally strong and healthy. To keep the hairs naturally strong, you need to take steps naturally.

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