How To Motivate Someone With Anxiety- How To Help

Do you know about a person who is struggling with depression and anxiety?

Do you wanna help them?

Well, when anyone among friends and family is struggling with anxiety, sometimes we have a sense of desperation, we want them to find peace and hope. We want them to believe that everything is going to be okay.

It is really difficult to console a person who is suffering from severe anxiety but your small act of kindness can make a world of difference to them. Remember, your job is not to fix the problem but to walk along with them until they get rid of that particular problem.

The article is going to provide you with a detailed description on how to motivate someone with anxiety, and how you can comfort your near ones suffering from anxiety and depression.

How to understand if someone is having depression

How to understand if someone is having depression

Before I provide you with a solution to this problem, first you have to know how you can understand that a person is feeling depressed or he is suffering from severe anxiety.

Once you will be able to understand, only then can you help them properly. So, if you think someone is worried and sad all the time and prefers to be alone for most of the time, what you have to do is:

Give them a call:

Ask them if they are feeling alright, what they are doing.

Check-in on them:

Visit them often, so that you come to know what they do being alone, whether they are facing any problem or if they need someone to talk to.

Talk to them:

Talking to a person who is experiencing anxiety can help you understand his situation easily.

Here I’m mentioning a very effective technique,  to diagnose anxiety and depression easily.

What to say to someone with anxiety attack

What to say to someone with anxiety attack

“TELL ME MORE” Technique:

It may sound very simple, but it is a very effective method that encourages a depressed person to tell you exactly how he feels. What you have to do is to say, “Tell me more”.

For example, if you are asking your friend, “Hey, why are you worried”?

And he says, “I don’t know, I’m feeling like this for quite a few days”

Just say, “okay, tell me more”

Your friend says, “I feel like my life is not going in the right direction”

What you have to say is, “TELL ME MORE”, and eventually you will get to know whether your friend is suffering from depression or not.

Physical Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

Physical Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

Panic attacks are often accompanied by physical symptoms such as heart attack, accelerated heart rates, uncontrollable trembling, shaking, sweating, feelings of dizziness, fear of losing self-control, etc.

If a person is having such kinds of symptoms along with excessive stress it is most likely that he is suffering from anxiety and depression.

How To Motivate Someone With Anxiety

How To Motivate Someone With Anxiety

Depression affects individuals in different ways. Some of the people experience sadness, others might be tired, some of them come up with suicidal thoughts without knowing the fact that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

It can be really exhausting and painful for you to see someone in this situation. If that is something, someone around you is suffering from, and you really want to motivate them to get out of all this, the following tips can help you a lot.

  • Tell them you care about them. Make them realize they are not alone.
  • Tell them they are loved, no matter what. Try to make them understand that it’s very normal and they are not the only person suffering from this. Make them feel better by assuring them about your love and presence.
  • Tell them it’s okay to feel this way and it’s not their fault.
  • Hug them. Hold their hand to express how much they mean to you.
  • Let them know, you are available for them.
  • Get them outside. Nature can heal better.

What Are Some Powerful Comforting Words To Say Someone Who Is Suffering From Anxiety

Say Someone Who Is Suffering From Anxiety

Here is the list of words you can say to your dear ones to comfort them if they are having anxiety and depression.

  • What’s your biggest concern right now?
  • I’m here to listen
  • Do you want to talk about it?
  • Take all the time you need.
  • You have my attention.
  • If you need a friend, I’m here.
  • You are important to me.
  • It’s not your fault.
  • Do you want a hug?
  • I care about you.

Saying out these words can make a lot of difference to help them overcome the feelings of anxiety.

How to help someone with anxiety

How to help someone with anxiety

Besides motivating someone who is suffering from anxiety, you can also help them in many other ways. For example, you can ask them if they talk to a therapist. According to the National Institute of Mental health up to 80% of patients seeking treatment for anxiety and depression start to see an improvement in the early three to four weeks. So it can really be helpful.

Moreover, you can create an environment where they are comfortable talking to you. Find out their love language and show them love regularly. Show them the physical affection in an appropriate way. A simple hug can do wonders or you can just sit with them. Loneliness is the worst so just try to spend some quality time together.

Doing this can really help them get out of the world of stress and worries and they will feel better and energetic.

What things can we say to a person suffering from anxiety and depression?

You can say:

  •  Do you want a hug?
  • I’m here to talk to you.
  • I’m listening to you.
  • How can I help you?

Such sort of sentences can make a person feel secure and protected.

How to comfort someone with anxiety on text?

Sometimes the people cannot tell directly what they are feeling or suffering from.

Just invite them to write a text. Encourage them to type however or whatever they feel so that they can open up their heart to you. Doing this will alleviate their burden. This catharsis will help them achieve mental peace.

To summarize the article in a nutshell, it will be better to just say that motivation is something that anybody can need anytime. If you’re helping someone with your words, it can really mean a lot to them. You can help someone to enjoy a happy life by saying something affectionate and by motivating a person suffering from anxiety and depression.

Just keep an eye on your loved ones to know if they need you? Your presence can prove beneficial to help them get rid of all the negative thoughts invading their minds.

But to do all this, you have to be optimistic first because only if you have something positive inside you, you can share it with your loved ones.

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